The Ultimate Guide to Getting Maximum Orders on Croogster

making money on croogster

How to sell more is the question!

When starting out as a freelancer, a lot of service providers are actually oblivious about the actionable tips that actually work for you, to get more and more orders consistently. Below we discuss some steps that will allow you to cut through the noise and make yourself visible to buyers. These have been tried and tested, by ranking sellers and there are a lot of guides out there that charge for such actionable insights.

1. Your Profile should make you look like an Expert:
Having an attractive and visually appealing profile is one of the basic tricks of the trade. As transactions take place between unknown parties, it generates trust and confidence in the buyer. First impression is the last impression, remember?

So let’s get started by first going to your Profile and begin filling in profile information

Describe yourself a little. Talk about your work, your thoughts and beliefs. Look like a beautiful person that you are.

Having a cool profile picture, makes things visually appealing and increases the possibility to turn leads into buyers. Something formal will showcase professionalism and remember to make yourself look like an expert. And smile please!

Now is the time you start putting in your payment information, this will help you withdraw your earnings from Croogster. It’s important that you recheck the details because you wouldn’t want to risk your payment by putting in wrong details.

2. Posting Croogs in a way that will bring Orders:
Just having a great looking profile is not the end of it, you need to back up your profile with exciting Croogs.

1. Post Croogs for only those skills that you really possess and you’re an expert at.
2. Post those Croogs that people actually need and will be willing to pay for.

We will start by explaining you how to post a croog that will sell

First comes your Title, put in a little research for your title. Relevance to the Croog is important and make it sound appealing.

Select the relevant category and subcategory from the list to have your Croog approved sooner and avoid any confusions.

Create well-defined description with accurate specifications and deliverables. Describe your due process in-depth for completing the Croog. Include all accurate details about scope of work.

Your instructions to buyer should tell the buyer, the information the buyers need to provide you once they make the purchase so that you can start the work. You can also include other instructions. Remember: These instructions are visible to Buyers for viewing only after they have placed an order.

Tag each of your Croog with as many relevant keywords as possible. This helps buyers to find and locate your Croogs easily and in turn you get more visibility.

Enter the maximum number of days you will require to deliver the Croog successfully. Delivering before the promised period creates a good impression and improves your Punctuality score.

Upload beautiful looking images that will attract buyers. Suggested dimension is 640×480 px. The pictures feature is your portfolio that should contain your work Samples and should help you convert the leads into actual buyers

3. Upload multiple Croogs
Upload multiple Croogs instead of cramming different tasks into one. Post different services that you know under relevant Categories and Subcategories. It may look like a daunting but it’s really not, besides it significantly increases your visibility.

Example – If you are a writer and you can do different things in writing like Creative Writing, Copywriting or Legal Writing make sure you upload 3 different Croogs for each ability under relevant Categories so that you get filtered orders for specific purposes and you also increase your chances of getting conversion.

4. Add a Video to your Croog
Most people don’t and that gives you an edge. Clear video + crisp audio + concise script = Success. If you think that isn’t your cup of tea, hire an online video editor off the site itself to make one for you.

A video is an amazing method to show off your skills as a Seller. Whenever you upload a video to your Croog, it increases your conversion chances massively.

A good quality video creates a sense of belief about the expertise of a Seller. Make the video simple and fun to view and exhibit your association with Croogster in the video, this will build trust among the buyers.

5. Using Add Ons cleverly:
It’s important that Sellers know how they can use Add Ons cleverly.

Add Ons allow Sellers to earn more and quote higher prices for additional and related services. Sellers should target specific functions that provide added value for the buyer. Add Ons help Sellers to quantify their services.

Example – If a Seller posts a Croog about Explainer Video which says, “I will create an Explainer Video of 60 seconds”. He would like to have Add Ons like:

I will deliver your video in 1080p HD (+ $ 20)
I will write the script for your video (+ $25)
I will deliver the Video in just 24 hours (+ $20)
I will also provide the British voice over for the video (+ $25)
I will provide 3 modifications if required (+ $15)

6. Get your first Sale:

From my experience, I think this one is the most important. Once you have your Profile and Croogs ready to showcase. Your priority should be to get the first order as soon as possible and make sure you get a 5 Star rating for it from the buyer.

The objective of this is to get your first positive review.

Buyers tend to usually place orders with Sellers who are already reviewed instead of trying a completely amateur and fresh Seller. So consider promoting your Croog aggressively to find your first order and you will have an easier journey ahead.

7. Request buyers to rate with 5 Stars for a job well done:
If you’re confident about a Croog well delivered, don’t shy away from requesting a buyer to leave 5 stars for your service.

It always helps flaunt more credibility so get more reviews and make your profile look star studded.

Croogster maintains 3 review parameters for every Seller. These parameters helps buyers decide if they would want to place an Order with a Seller or not.

These Parameters are:
a) Response: This rating parameter tells a buyer how frequently a Seller responds to their messages, the clarity and fluency of language of a Seller and politeness in terms of customer service.
b) Quality: The most important parameter is maintaining the quality of your service, try to deliver better quality, sometimes even better than what you promised, if this is done consistently it considerably increases the orders for any Seller.
c) Punctuality: Delivering the orders on time always leaves and ever lasting impression on the buyers and you’re automatically promoted much more amongst the buyers according to the algorithms. So always deliver on time or before it if possible.

8. Offer bonus service as an incentive to receive 5 Stars:
It’s a wise idea to offer bonus service to Buyers to receive 5 Stars. It not only improves your profile statistics and recommendations but also brings a solid customer retention.

Example – If a Seller sold a resume design to a buyer, on the delivery completion of the order, the seller should request 5 Stars from the buyer in exchange of a certain additional free service given as a bonus or an incentive, which could be the source file of the design in this case.

This strategy works as a lure to receive 5 Stars from the Buyer.

9. Be Online. Reply in a flash:
It’s no secret that staying Online promotes your profile in the Buyer feed and makes you stand out.

Also, there’s a filter feature that helps buyers to look only for those Sellers who are online, this increases the chances for sellers frequently online to get more orders than Sellers who are not.

So be present. Constantly check for visitors and messages, respond swiftly and you will lose no business that comes your way.

10. Promote your Croogs on Social Media:
Following the above suggestions will definitely increase your chances of getting orders, but to have an edge over other Sellers it’s always smarter to promote your Croogs on Social Media platforms like:


To grab quick eye balls from your existing clients and friends. Plan a social media marketing strategy. This always helps kick start the sales journey for many Sellers.

11. Post really unique Croogs:
It’s no secret that Sellers should upload Croogs that people really require desperately but hardly seem to find it.

Such unique Croogs not only invite a lot of views, they also help get frequent Sales from buyers across the globe.

Unique Croogs also have a property of easily going viral if the nature of service is interesting.

12. Send proposals to Buyer requirements:
Active Sellers will find requirements posted by Buyers to get proposals from Sellers.

It’s the easiest way to fish for orders by quickly sending Buyers custom offers that are competitive and convincing enough to get the Buyers accept the accept the offer and place an order for the same.

13. Post Croogs especially crafted for Croogster:
It’s a good idea to customize your Croogs specifically for Croogster. It reflects a close association with the platform and send a positive message to the buyers

Example – If you’re a logo designer, post a Croog with an image of Croogster’s logo redesigned. If you’re a video editor and create Explainer Videos, post a Croog with an Explainer Video about Croogster done by yourself.

Doing this gives buyers more assurance and a ready first hand sample of your work quality.

14. Offer money back guarantee:
When you offer money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the service received, it builds confidence among buyers and gives them a sense of security for placing order.

This hack never gets old and is still one of the favourites to boast your confidence about your work.

15. Provide excellent customer service:
Consider your Croogster seller account as your online business space and take crooging sincerely.

Buyers should be the priority of every successful to be successful as a Seller and maximize on your earnings.

This not only builds a long term engagement with a buyer but also gets word of mouth publicity among the buyers.

16. Follow the rules:
Croogster has few rules but they are supposed to be followed strictly.

Do not share your personal contact details (except your Name) like phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Skype/IM usernames or any website link that reveals your identity with any user whatsoever.

Communicating with any user outside Croogster may lead to account termination or Level demotion.

Following this rule increases your trust and you automatically get to higher levels. If you work consistently without violating rules and delivering excellent services you may also be promoted to the top Level, which then floods your account with Orders.

17. Prevent Automatic Cancellations:
The more automatic cancellations you receive on your Orders, the more negative rating you get which prevents you from getting promoted to higher Levels or in many cases causes demotion of your Level.

If the cancellations get too frequent you will be prevented from getting orders, as timely delivery is a top priority.

18. Offer incentives on Repeat Purchase:
It is recommended that Sellers provide incentives to buyers on repeat purchases.

This strategy works like a charm if you would like to have a buyer buy again and again from you and not choose another Seller over you.

Example – A Seller with Croog, “I will write a fashion Article of 300 words”

When the seller has delivered the above Croog they should make an offer to the buyer that on their next purchase the Seller would provide articles with 350 words instead of 300 words as an incentive for repeat purchase.

This should provide you enough help to be the Popeye the Seller man !

20 July, 2016