How To Hire Freelancers Like A Pro

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Can you be unfamiliar with the booming associated with outsourcing? Today, if you may employ freelancers and have no familiarity with how to hire them, you may be absent out on some primary talent. How do you navigate your way through the chaotic muck of the internet and find qualified, trustworthy people to work for you?

The internet is overflowing with people willing to take up website development, digital marketing or content writing projects for you, nevertheless, the key is finding the best ones for your business needs. If you do this right you can quickly create a solid freelance army to boost your online business without having to risk your business with full-time hiring.

Below is a rundown how to successfully land the perfect freelancer for your project.

1. Where do we locate them?

If you’ve done even a little research into hiring a freelance talent, you probably would have thought about the many risks that make you doubt the entire process. Payment security, quality of service, meeting deadline would be some of the important priorities for you. You might be in for good news, thanks to freelance marketplaces like Croogster who have created a community of World’s best freelancers which massively reduces any risk of hiring freelancers. So, you can head to their website and hand pick the top professional that is suitable to your needs and your bet would be mostly right as all of them are one of the best on the internet.

They sound like the perfect solution for your entire freelancing needs, but this is not enough. If you want to be an expert in hiring freelancers. You ought to know certain hacks, some tips that will come remarkably handy in increasing the productivity. The next steps focus on how to hire like a pro.

2. Generate a Freelancing Budget

It is important to know what is the amount you are willing to spend on the project that you want to be done. Freelance skills depend on experience, since experience guarantees quality. So, it is important you figure out your spending capacity and accordingly sort out a list of freelancers who would be eligible to fit in.

3. Portfolio and Reviews

The second step should be to check out their previous work. Always go for freelancers who in the past, have done a work that is similar to the project under discussion. Mistakes from past projects put the freelancers under a better position to deliver better and avoid amateur mistakes. That being said, reviews are just as important. You should read the reviews and get to know what the past customers are saying about the freelancer.

4. Share References

This is highly important when you are planning to go for a logo design project or in fact other freelance projects too. It would be a really long shot to explain to the freelancer what you want just through your project brief and expect spot on results. To avoid a conflict in future, it is always better to help the freelancer with a reference of what you want to improve the accuracy of the expected delivery.

5. Decide Timeline and Updates

It is crucial that the freelancer and you mutually agree on a project timeline. The project should be started only when both parties agree and adhere to the timeline. A lot of times clients ask for updates too frequently annoying the freelancers from the actual work. A lot of times freelancers drive the clients crazy by dragging the projects and delay it by days and months. Though it might not affect the productivity of the job. So, the payment should depend on a pre-approved timeline.

6. Payment Security

Believing any party on their words and agreeing to the project will mostly or eventually leave you with burnt hands. Before you start any transaction it always better that you secure your pocket. Reason being, these projects don’t only involve monetary value they also consume a huge amount of time invested into this. If someone walks off on you without delivering the promises. The heart won’t be the only thing broken here.

Escrow is the best way to secure payment for both the parties. The 50% advance and 50% on delivery don’t work anymore. It is suggested that you have a body like Croogster or Upwork keeping the payment in custody with them and releasing when the deal is closed successfully.

7. Start small maybe

Even if you have big scale projects at hand, it’s wise to give them a relatively small job for beginners just to be certain you can work well jointly. Shave off a tiny part of the complete project and give them that first.

Whatever you do, please do not ask your freelance artist to do speculative work in order to complete a task for free with the promise of more work later. It’s disrespectful of the freelancer’s time. In the event that you can’t afford to test the freelancer with a project, if the freelancer’s collection and references are not giving you enough confidence, it would be best to move on, leaving everyone with their pride intact.

28 August, 2017