5 Things You Wanna Know About Croogster Right Now

Croogster is a unique online marketplace, where buyers meet service providers. These services provided by qualified professionals are called Croogs. The professionals get paid, for delivering their services, by the buyers who choose them. This extraordinary marketplace is a distinctive way of purchasing services without having to leave your comfort zone. Take a look at the major 5 things that you might want to know about Croogster right away.

1. Croogster Believes In Punctual Deliverance and Consumer Satisfaction
Croogster respects the fact that every buyer’s time is precious, therefore; it is required for every seller to deliver their services between the promised time periods. If they fail to do so or if the guidelines are ambiguous, they will observe a negative effect on their account and the payment will then be refunded to the buyer. This helps Croogster build a relationship of trust and confidence with the buyers using their portal.

2. It is as Beneficial for the Sellers as for the Buyers
Croogster is one of the best platforms for sellers to showcase their work and get paid. The payments of the sellers are transferred promptly once they have provided Croogster with their bank details. With mutual consent, the sellers can also cancel an order if they do not wish to deliver it. In case the buyer cancels an order that is already in progress, Croogster allows the seller to receive full compensation for their already done work.

3. Navigability of the Website and User Interface
With a user-friendly interface and superior accessibility of the site, it will not be an overstatement to say that Croogster provides its clients everything and more. You can access anything and everything with just a touch of a button. Croogster allows you to get registered with them by just clicking on the sign up button at the top right corner of the website and lets you buy services in a jiffy. Because of its easy to use mobile version, you can browse on Croogster from anywhere and everywhere.

4. Suggest Services that Are Not Listed
On the homepage itself, Croogster offers a section, where you can suggest it to post Croogs that you cannot, otherwise, find in the list. These requests are sent to the sellers who can offer custom services according to the convenience of the buyers. This is a way of making sure that no buyer returns unsatisfied and that everyone is served with the best of interests.

5. Wide Range of Services to Choose From
Apart from its intelligent features, Croogster allows you to choose from a variety of services ranging from graphic designing to content writing and more. Buyers can hire resume writers, photo editors, proofreaders, sales leads and even marketing executives. Croogs can be used for individual purposes as well as for growing businesses. Croogster has made it easy to find skilled professionals for buyers at every corner, at very affordable prices.

10 March, 2016