16 ways to get more Sales on Croogster

Croogster is a service marketplace that provides you an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent, or hobby into a permanent source of income by selling professional services. So promote yourself, work hard, keep your customers satisfied, provide quality service, help people in getting things done and you’ll reach higher Stages which will open up a whole new door and opportunity for higher earnings.

16 ways to get more Sales on Croogster:

1. Try to sell services that you can complete in 15-20 minutes and deliver. Keep a goal of maximum 30 minutes per order and save you time.

2. Create detailed Croogs with well-defined description, accurate specifications and attractive images.

3. Upload customized Croogs especially crafted for Croogster.

4. Put enough Tags to makes your Croog searchable for relevant fields.

5. Add Videos to your Croog.

6. Offer unique services.

7. Post Add Ons i.e., additional services, in order to earn more from a Croog.

8. Reply instantly to messages when you get them.

9. Deliver good quality, better than you promised.

10. Deliver before time if possible.

11. Offer the customers bonuses to give you high rating and good reviews.

12. Give excellent customer service.

13. Offer money back Guarantee if targets not achieved.

14. Give extra fast services like delivering in hours or within the same day, charge extra for that but give that service.

15. Don’t cancel the orders. If you complete your orders on time, with high ratings and with less cancellations you will be promoted to higher levels where you receive more orders.

16. Share and promote your Croog across Social Media, among you clients and your Friends

10 March, 2016