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How To Hire Freelancers Like A Pro

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Can you be unfamiliar with the booming associated with outsourcing? Today, if you may employ freelancers and have no familiarity with how to hire them, you may be absent out on some primary talent. How do you navigate your way through the chaotic muck of the internet and find qualified, trustworthy people to work for you?

The internet is overflowing with people willing to take up website development, digital marketing or content writing projects for you, nevertheless, the key is finding the best ones for your business needs. If you do this right you can quickly create a solid freelance army to boost your online business without having to risk your business with full-time hiring.

Below is a rundown how to successfully land the perfect freelancer for your project.

1. Where do we locate them?

If you’ve done even a little research into hiring a freelance talent, you probably would have thought about the many risks that make you doubt the entire process. Payment security, quality of service, meeting deadline would be some of the important priorities for you. You might be in for good news, thanks to freelance marketplaces like Croogster who have created a community of World’s best freelancers which massively reduces any risk of hiring freelancers. So, you can head to their website and hand pick the top professional that is suitable to your needs and your bet would be mostly right as all of them are one of the best on the internet.

They sound like the perfect solution for your entire freelancing needs, but this is not enough. If you want to be an expert in hiring freelancers. You ought to know certain hacks, some tips that will come remarkably handy in increasing the productivity. The next steps focus on how to hire like a pro.

2. Generate a Freelancing Budget

It is important to know what is the amount you are willing to spend on the project that you want to be done. Freelance skills depend on experience, since experience guarantees quality. So, it is important you figure out your spending capacity and accordingly sort out a list of freelancers who would be eligible to fit in.

3. Portfolio and Reviews

The second step should be to check out their previous work. Always go for freelancers who in the past, have done a work that is similar to the project under discussion. Mistakes from past projects put the freelancers under a better position to deliver better and avoid amateur mistakes. That being said, reviews are just as important. You should read the reviews and get to know what the past customers are saying about the freelancer.

4. Share References

This is highly important when you are planning to go for a logo design project or in fact other freelance projects too. It would be a really long shot to explain to the freelancer what you want just through your project brief and expect spot on results. To avoid a conflict in future, it is always better to help the freelancer with a reference of what you want to improve the accuracy of the expected delivery.

5. Decide Timeline and Updates

It is crucial that the freelancer and you mutually agree on a project timeline. The project should be started only when both parties agree and adhere to the timeline. A lot of times clients ask for updates too frequently annoying the freelancers from the actual work. A lot of times freelancers drive the clients crazy by dragging the projects and delay it by days and months. Though it might not affect the productivity of the job. So, the payment should depend on a pre-approved timeline.

6. Payment Security

Believing any party on their words and agreeing to the project will mostly or eventually leave you with burnt hands. Before you start any transaction it always better that you secure your pocket. Reason being, these projects don’t only involve monetary value they also consume a huge amount of time invested into this. If someone walks off on you without delivering the promises. The heart won’t be the only thing broken here.

Escrow is the best way to secure payment for both the parties. The 50% advance and 50% on delivery don’t work anymore. It is suggested that you have a body like Croogster or Upwork keeping the payment in custody with them and releasing when the deal is closed successfully.

7. Start small maybe

Even if you have big scale projects at hand, it’s wise to give them a relatively small job for beginners just to be certain you can work well jointly. Shave off a tiny part of the complete project and give them that first.

Whatever you do, please do not ask your freelance artist to do speculative work in order to complete a task for free with the promise of more work later. It’s disrespectful of the freelancer’s time. In the event that you can’t afford to test the freelancer with a project, if the freelancer’s collection and references are not giving you enough confidence, it would be best to move on, leaving everyone with their pride intact.

28 August, 2017

Searching for the best freelance website? Join Croogster.

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We are living in an era of digitalization. Every single aspect of our lives are being digitized every day. All the works that we do today, most of them are being carried out through online. Well, obviously the internet itself doesn’t do anything, cause that would be crazy, right? What I mean to say is, today you hire someone to work for you on a freelance basis and you pick them from the hundreds of online marketplaces for freelancers. And naturally there arises a question as to which is the best freelance website these days?

I’ve already told that there are hundreds (possibly thousands) of freelance websites out there. But do all of them offer the best service available? You and I both know that that’s not gonna happen. Some will provide you with the desired services and most of them would not. I mean that’s the rule of the world, isn’t it? So what should be done in this case? The answer is croogster[dot]com


Croogster[dot]com is an online marketplace where services like Graphics Designing, Content Writing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance, Video Designing and Academic Writing are sold. Who sells them? Practically anyone. Anyone who has the needed skills to do any of these can sell their expertise over here. Who are the buyers? Simple. The guys who are in need of these services. It’s like an ACTUAL marketplace where buyers and sellers meet and exchange expertise in exchange of a value.


There are a couple of old and trusted such marketplaces. For example there is and there is So inevitably a question arises that why you should choose this platform instead of those?

Remember one thing, every new thing is born because the older ones have some sort of problems in them. Now I’m not talking like upwork or freelancer is a pile of old shit and only Croogster is the best freelance website in the market, no. Cause that would be insane. But let’s analyze some of the weaknesses of those other websites and how Croogster surpasses them, shall we?


I don’t know if you have a personal experience or not but when I went to outsource my work, the most problematic situation was the rate. Upwork or freelancer is such a marketplace where only the minimum rate is fixed, not the maximum. So there were lots of negotiations regarding rates, and eventually I was lost. I’m not very good at negotiations and later I came to know that I paid more for the work. I could’ve got the work done with lower price. Croogster has solved this problem dramatically. They have fixed the rate for work by ranking the workers as per their work skills and achievements. So I don’t have to do the bargaining any more (thank god)!

Another thing is, they didn’t blend in all the available services there is in the world, so quality of the works and services are assured. I’ve never got a work half done from here ever. The payment system is solid too. You can also pay by six different currencies. What more could I want!

So if you are looking for dependable and skilled workers, croogster[dot]com can be your best freelance website.

24 May, 2017

This Startup Aims To Make Hiring Freelancers As Easy As Shopping Online

Freelancing in India was earlier considered as a domain for those who can’t or don’t want to get into full time jobs. Technology has made it possible to work from even remote areas, thereby making even the full time working professionals, taking up consulting or part-time assignments. However, working with and hiring freelancers is one pain which, despite of so many avenues available has not come up permanent solutions.

There have been traditional players like Naukri, Monster India, etc., along with the newbies such as 4jobz, myjobindia, and more. Also, there are international portals like Freelancer, Elance, but finding the right candidate for the right job at the right price is still a daunting task to do. Mumbai-based Croogster, launched in March this year by Dev Hisariaand Manisha Parab, aims to bridge this gap by making hiring freelancers as simple as buying things from Amazon.

It is a service marketplace that makes hiring freelancers and getting quality work delivered on time possible at a minimum fixed price of INR 299. For example, if an entrepreneur is struggling with recruiting, he will have an option to outsource things at INR 299 to professionals, if someone needs to get wedding card designed, s/he will be able to find a designer at 299 and more.

“We want to create a platform that comes to rescue whenever people need something done. We want to create a talented community of freelancers who would like to offer their skills to the ones who require them, making things easy for everyone,” said Dev.

The portal currently provides more than 50 types of services including graphic designing, content writing, digital marketing, video editingprogramming and more. It even has an option of ‘Gifting’, where users can get customised services from expert freelancers.

Why Croogster?

Croogster’s biggest USP is its fixed pricing policy. The freelancers are given reviews and ratings on the basis of their work and are promoted to higher levels. At higher levels, the freelancers get more orders, more benefits and also have an option to increase their prices to a higher limit.

Unlike other platforms that work on a bidding model, Croogster works as an ecommerce website helping people shop for the services they require. As said by Manisha Parab, co-founder and COO, “Freelancers have an image of taking up serious business projects. We are trying to create a community that is not only confined to business projects, but is also open to offer amazing range of services which are frequently sought by people but rarely found.”

2 Months, 300 Orders And Counting!

At present, Croogsters is working with a team of four. The target audience for the startup are entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, college students and freelancers. The platform charges 10% processing fee to both buyers and sellers after completion of the task. The payment made by a buyer remains secured in an escrow account created by the company, and is released only when the buyer is satisfied with the service.

In a very short span of time, Croogster has successfully completed more than 300 orders and unique user count has reached an almost thousand. The founders are currently earning a monthly revenue of approximately INR 20-30K and claims that they will be able to break-even by August this year.

In the near future, the founders’ plan is to make the platform available in the B2C market and help common people get things done using the expertise of freelancers.

The Rising Tribe Of Freelancers

As per Manisha, getting both buyers and sellers to use the marketplace simultaneously was a difficult task at the beginning, but that gets sorted by time.

India has close to 1.8 crore freelancers and there has been a steady rise in numbers in the last 5 years, making India home to the maximum number of freelancers in the world. It has even left behind countries like US and UK.

The market size for online freelancing is projected to grow to $4.4 born in 2016, while the market for micro work is estimated to reach $0.4 Bn. Thus the total online outsourcing industry is projected to be worth $4.8 Bn in 2016. Medium-term models estimate that, in 2020, it will generate gross services revenue in the range of $15 Bn to $25 Bn.

“Seeing the recent demand for freelancers, all that is required is how easy you make things for your users and how prudently you solve the problem,” said Dev.

The Other Freelance Finders

There are several startups in India, providing similar services such as WorkNHire, Taskr, Freelance India, Truelancer, Guru, UpWork, VWorker, Dolancing and more. Last year, in November, Truelancer raised seed funding from USA-based Blackstone Valley Group led by Raghu Vohra, Aditya Dev Sood, Kamal Bansal and a few other angel investors.

As mentioned by John Larase, Marketing Specialist at Time Doctor, in the past few years, UpWork (formerly Elance and Odesk), Freelancer, and 99Designs have shown significant revenue growth. In 2014, Upwork spent more than $1 Bn on its platform to find freelancers and knowledge-based workers. And by 2018, the company estimates that online outsourcing will be a $5 Bn industry.

There are now hyperlocal marketplaces such as Urbanclap, Urbanpro, Taskbob, etc. where self-workers are picking up assignments. Also, there are several Facebook groups offering freelancing assignments such as Media Jobs Daily, Put Me In Touch, etc.

Our Take

It’s pretty clear that the place is already crowded with a lot of players. Also, it has been seen that freelancers are more inclined towards the foreign platforms as they can charge much more working internationally than locally. So, to build something new and to stand out is quite difficult for any new player in India.

Since, Croogster has been launched just 2 months back, it would be early to predict anything. As far as its business model is concerned, the price paid to freelancers is very less compared to global estimates of $19/hour, charged by Indian freelancers worldwide. At the same time, low competition and low prices, can help new freelancers to build their portfolio and reach higher levels to earn more.

24 May, 2016

8 Little Known Ways To Grow Your Online Business

Promoting your website online can be frustrating if you are new to the practice. Marketing your business smartly, doesn’t mean you need an expensive marketer’s army but you sure do need to know how the technology affects, interacts and interfaces with your customers and helps you turn them into meaningful leads.
This is fondly called Growth Hacking!


Here are some lesser known tips and tools that do not get readily revealed or used. 8 Hacks, which could make all the difference.



Aesthetics + Information + Functionality:

The 3 ingredients you need to make yourself an online sensation is making your Website look simple yet beautiful. Visual is always the first impression. Back the visual appeal by having high quality content, aim at actually helping people with your high quality original content and the last part is make the technology robust and strong so that the users don’t get stuck anywhere.


Never Ignore Email Marketing

Reach out to the inbox of all your current and potential clients. Drip emails and newsletters with tools like MailchimpAweber , Wix Newsletters take the boring out of emails. Beautifully designed and scheduled newsletters work wonders. It’s a good way to update your audience about the new improvements and offers for them. These tools also help you track if your mails were opened, clicked or just deleted


Instagram and Hashtag

Even if you’re not a know-it-all tech entrepreneur, yet you want to extract out maximum benefit from Social Media. Don’t be present on each and every platform, make your mark wherever you are. If you’re an Ecommerce that would like to sell products. For example – You sell Fashion Apparels, use Instagram very actively, post pictures of your beautiful clothing range. #Hashtag the images you post. Follow back the people who follow you. Instagram is known to provide amazing number of early customers. I am sure it will help you.


Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

So once you have a Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts set-up. Start using them, understand the insights that Google offers through these powerful tools and you will see what you are doing right and what can be improved. Decrease your page load time (Yes! even half a second matters) talk to your coding guy – keep the images, code structure, compression (use gzip) and caching in place. The faster your site loads, the better the conversion and better the search rankings. Use Tools like Pingdom for the analysis.


Ask Media to Help

Get in touch with journalists who write Blogs about products and companies in your space. Ask them as a favour to review your product. If your product is tangible give it to them for free and request for positive reviews. Try to get featured in respected media websites. This positively increases your recognition and also makes your target audience take you seriously.



Now you will be all like, “Oh we know Linkedin. Tell us something new” But I am asking you to use Linkedin better. If you’re into a B2B space. Make as many connections as possible, continuously send invites to people. Message people one-on-one, personalize your message and tell them about your offering. You will be surprised to see the traffic your connections will bring to your website. It helps you to reach out to thousands and your one post will be viewed by thousands of people. Instant Lead !!


Freelance Help

Do not waste your money on having full time employees, rather outsource majority of your work to freelancers. It not only saves you a fixed cost but also provides you flexibility of spending. You will be surprised by the increase in productivity Freelancers bring. But do remember do not spend a lot in hiring freelancers. To make sure that you hire expert freelancers, who deliver on time and also charge less. You can use a platform like Croogster


If Nothing Works !!

Business growth depends upon the strength of your USP – Unique Selling Proposition. What do you have that no one else has? In case you don’t have something so unique, don’t worry.

There is something called as ‘Starbust’ which means anything attractive that gets your attention, it could be a controversial news, a pretty face or a popular celebrity. If even that doesn’t work give free samples to your customers just try giving them for FREE.

If that doesn’t work either. You might want to try doing a trade-off with other sites to exchange links.


If all the above fail, still don’t lose confidence. You need to sit down, breathe and think about every step, look at your market and rethink about every step





7 May, 2016

5 Things You Wanna Know About Croogster Right Now

Croogster is a unique online marketplace, where buyers meet service providers. These services provided by qualified professionals are called Croogs. The professionals get paid, for delivering their services, by the buyers who choose them. This extraordinary marketplace is a distinctive way of purchasing services without having to leave your comfort zone. Take a look at the major 5 things that you might want to know about Croogster right away.

1. Croogster Believes In Punctual Deliverance and Consumer Satisfaction
Croogster respects the fact that every buyer’s time is precious, therefore; it is required for every seller to deliver their services between the promised time periods. If they fail to do so or if the guidelines are ambiguous, they will observe a negative effect on their account and the payment will then be refunded to the buyer. This helps Croogster build a relationship of trust and confidence with the buyers using their portal.

2. It is as Beneficial for the Sellers as for the Buyers
Croogster is one of the best platforms for sellers to showcase their work and get paid. The payments of the sellers are transferred promptly once they have provided Croogster with their bank details. With mutual consent, the sellers can also cancel an order if they do not wish to deliver it. In case the buyer cancels an order that is already in progress, Croogster allows the seller to receive full compensation for their already done work.

3. Navigability of the Website and User Interface
With a user-friendly interface and superior accessibility of the site, it will not be an overstatement to say that Croogster provides its clients everything and more. You can access anything and everything with just a touch of a button. Croogster allows you to get registered with them by just clicking on the sign up button at the top right corner of the website and lets you buy services in a jiffy. Because of its easy to use mobile version, you can browse on Croogster from anywhere and everywhere.

4. Suggest Services that Are Not Listed
On the homepage itself, Croogster offers a section, where you can suggest it to post Croogs that you cannot, otherwise, find in the list. These requests are sent to the sellers who can offer custom services according to the convenience of the buyers. This is a way of making sure that no buyer returns unsatisfied and that everyone is served with the best of interests.

5. Wide Range of Services to Choose From
Apart from its intelligent features, Croogster allows you to choose from a variety of services ranging from graphic designing to content writing and more. Buyers can hire resume writers, photo editors, proofreaders, sales leads and even marketing executives. Croogs can be used for individual purposes as well as for growing businesses. Croogster has made it easy to find skilled professionals for buyers at every corner, at very affordable prices.

10 March, 2016

16 ways to get more Sales on Croogster

Croogster is a service marketplace that provides you an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent, or hobby into a permanent source of income by selling professional services. So promote yourself, work hard, keep your customers satisfied, provide quality service, help people in getting things done and you’ll reach higher Stages which will open up a whole new door and opportunity for higher earnings.

16 ways to get more Sales on Croogster:

1. Try to sell services that you can complete in 15-20 minutes and deliver. Keep a goal of maximum 30 minutes per order and save you time.

2. Create detailed Croogs with well-defined description, accurate specifications and attractive images.

3. Upload customized Croogs especially crafted for Croogster.

4. Put enough Tags to makes your Croog searchable for relevant fields.

5. Add Videos to your Croog.

6. Offer unique services.

7. Post Add Ons i.e., additional services, in order to earn more from a Croog.

8. Reply instantly to messages when you get them.

9. Deliver good quality, better than you promised.

10. Deliver before time if possible.

11. Offer the customers bonuses to give you high rating and good reviews.

12. Give excellent customer service.

13. Offer money back Guarantee if targets not achieved.

14. Give extra fast services like delivering in hours or within the same day, charge extra for that but give that service.

15. Don’t cancel the orders. If you complete your orders on time, with high ratings and with less cancellations you will be promoted to higher levels where you receive more orders.

16. Share and promote your Croog across Social Media, among you clients and your Friends

10 March, 2016