I Spent $20 on Croogster Every Week for 3 Months (And Here’s What Happened)

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I Spent $20 on Croogster Every Week for 3 Months (And Here’s What Happened)

I had a business idea. It all starts with an idea. Initially it was just a passing thought. A casual statement made during one of many conversations I had with my peers during our evening sojourns to the nearby cafe that was famed for its caffeinated concoctions. We had just graduated. I was young, ambitious and hopes were high. A business plan was formulated. It was time for execution. Instead of hiring a team and burning through our seed money, I decided to play smarter and outsource our freelance jobs online from experts. That’s when I discovered Croogster, a services marketplace that let us hire freelancers to work for us remotely, for a measly $5 per task. It stood out among other freelancing sites

Month I

I started off by hiring two developers and a freelance graphic designer to work on our website. They were given a brief outline of my expectations from the website. Tasks would be broken down and were completed over the course of a week. The service was prompt. Pricing was most reasonable. Within a month, a website was ready. It was functional, responsive across multiple devices, had an integrated e-commerce platform and was aesthetically appealing.

Month II

My confidence in Croogster grew. I decided to hire a content writer for writing jobs who, over the course of a month, would provide high quality, well researched articles and blogs as well as product descriptions. My intention was to make the website interesting for visitors. Not only was the content engaging, it helped highlight the value proposition that the products held. Positive feedback started pouring in. The blog was steadily building a readership base.

Month III

Now that I was comfortable with Croogster handling a major chunk of the business, I engaged Croogsters who could handle digital marketing services. A social media expert handled the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. Regular activity online ensured that our presence was growing in the social sphere. I also availed the services of a freelancer who managed SEO for us. It improved the flow of traffic to the website. We started showing up on search engines and getting hits.

At the end of three months, I started getting results. The website operations were smooth, with no downtime. Traffic to the website was on an upward trajectory, which started translating into sales. The business started generating revenue. I spent virtually no time on hiring and managing human resources. Without a dedicated office space and without a team of full time employees I was able to create a business from the ground up. And I never spent more than $20 a week.

12 May, 2016