Croogster 101 – Hire a professional Freelancer at just Rs. 299

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Croogster 101 – Hire a professional Freelancer at just Rs. 299

There’s a chance you’ve heard the term ‘Croog’ being used, if you are familiar with the start-up ecosystem. If you haven’t, you’re in luck, read on.

‘Croog’ is a term used to describe any service listed by a freelance professional on Croogster. An individual or organization can purchase these services from professionals offering them, which therefore makes it a marketplace for hiring experts.

Thus being able to offer your skills and talents online, to create opportunities for a stable source of income, is known as ‘Crooging’. All people who involve utilize, provide and partake in said activity are ‘Croogsters’.

Out of the innumerable freelance websites out there, Croogster stands out from the bunch, for a number of reasons. The sheer number of websites that host freelancers is overwhelming.

Each of them has a multitude of professionals selling the same service making them monotonous.

It is a tiresome and tedious task to sort out the talented ones from the crowd.

With suspicious reviews and recommendations becoming standard practice to boost ones visibility and ratings, one cannot feel entirely comfortable. These factors contribute to drive traffic away from these sites.

This is where Croogster rises to the occasion. It is gaining popularity owing to its fresh approach towards freelancing.

What makes ‘Croogster’ different?


1. The blessing of 299:
Out of all plus points, foremost is the policy of fixed pricing. Croogster’s unique selling proposition is its obvious cost benefit. You can hire someone for video editing, a professional for web design, experts for social media marketing, specialists for online graphic design services or a personalized gift maker, to have support of an expert at an unbelievably reasonable Rs. 299

Let’s put that in perspective, a movie ticket on a weekend costs more than that, and we’re not even factoring in the popcorn.


2. Only hand-picked freelancers:
The most important aspect in its list of pros is the fact that, Croogster has only hand-picked freelancers who are personally curated and go through a strict quality check before being allowed to offer their services on the site. This ensures a certain standard of quality that is lacking from most freelancing websites.


3. Full access to all the experts:
Croogster having a familiar e-commerce interface, allows complete browsing access to all the available talent on the platform without having to pay extra for more visibility or to have access to top talents unlike the practices of major freelance giants.


4. No more waiting for Bids:
The platform’s service-as-a-product approach simplifies the process of hiring and allows freelancers to package their offerings and exhibit them as products. This considerably reduces the waiting time of buyers for hiring as they can have a one-click-checkout for ready to start services instead of waiting for bids to arrive and then negotiate a project eventually wasting the time.


5. Variety of services:
With over 50 plus different types of services in varied categories, the list of tasks that can be accomplished on the website is exhausting. It is, quite literally a one stop shop for all your outsourcing needs with freelancers working on a per project basis instead of taking up projects on a per-hour-basis which causes a lot of individuals to hesitate. There are even services like homework help. How about that?


6. Guarantee for Orders:
Once you are selected to start selling your services on Croogster as a freelancer, you are given a guarantee to receive orders and projects from clients. This gives freelancers a reliable stage to look out for projects and makes it a platform to find work consistently on a long term basis. This is the best feature as it saves the Sellers a lot of time that is wasted in job hunting.


7. Payment security:
The payments are completely secured and work on an escrow principle which means buyers payment are safe with Croogster until they receive their delivery as promised, this inspires confidence in sellers as well as buyers. Payment security is a priority to help Sellers out in getting paid for the hard work they put in. It offers ease of access and makes the whole experience of hiring a freelancer satisfying. 


What kind of freelancer would you need to grow your Business?

5 July, 2016