What are Croogs?
Croogs are professional services listed on Croogster, these services can be bought from the professional offering it. Crooging can be explained as the opportunity to turn talent or hobby into a permanent source of income by selling professional services on Croogster.

How does Croogster work?
In easy words Croogster is a service marketplace wherein, a Buyer buys Services offered by a Seller, and the Seller gets paid for delivering their Services.


What if the Buyer is not satisfied with the Delivery?
Buyers are requested to read the description meticulously as described by the Seller. If the seller has adhered to the description, and delivered exactly as promised, we will expect they buyers to co-operate. But if the Seller has not provided the service according to the description and is found to be misrepresenting or misleading the Buyer in anyway, a refund will be given back to the Buyer and the Seller’s account will realize a negative effect.


What happens when a delivery is delayed by a Seller?
If a delivery is delayed by a Seller, the Reviewer will rate the Seller accordingly and the Seller will receive negative remarks for wasting the time of the Buyer and not living up to the assurance of time. Frequently delayed deliveries will affect the stage of the Seller.

Order Cancellation

What if the Buyer cancels the Order?
If a Buyer cancels the order due to any reason, the amount of Purchase will be credited back to their Croogster Account in the form of Croogster Currency. The amount cannot be withdrawn but can be used to make future purchases from Croogster.

What if the Buyer cancels the Order, but the Seller has already started working?
In this case, we request both the Buyers and Sellers to use Mutual Cancellation feature given to them and try to solve the conflict among themselves. In case we see that any of the part is facing trouble, we will be subjective and will inspect the matter and make sure that the seller is completely compensated for the amount of work they have done.

What if a Seller cancels the Order?
Cancellation of Croogs done mutually by both the parties i.e., Buyer and Seller is understood, we encourage are users to use Mutual Cancellation feature, using this feature will have no negative impact on the Seller’s ratings. But forced cancellation done by Sellers after receiving orders from Buyers will have a negative effect on the ratings of the Seller.


How do I advance to the next Stage?
Stage Advancements are based on statistics recorded by Croogster which are also made visible to the Users. In order to advance to the next stage, promote yourself, work hard, keep your customers satisfied, provide quality service, help people in getting things done and you’ll reach higher Stages which will open up a whole new door and opportunity for higher earning


Can a buyer share his/her contact details on Croogster?
We appreciate all the communications between the Buyers and Sellers to be done through the Messaging System created by Croogster. Sharing any kind of contact information, or personal details either by Buyer or a Seller is strictly forbidden and can lead to termination of Account.

When should I consider Messaging a Seller?
Communicating with a Seller is recommended before ordering any Croog, so that it eliminates any kind of ambiguity from the transaction and the final delivery of the service. Messaging feature should be used to discuss the needs and preferences of the Buyer with the Seller.


How much time does it take for the Seller to receive money after the Delivery?
The Seller will receive the money in their Croogster Account within a Day after accepting the Buyer’s reviews and closing the order by providing a review.

How can Sellers withdraw money from their Croogster account?
Sellers can easily withdraw their money from their Croogster account. You have to first edit your Profile and fill up the Bank details and save it, Then click on the Payment tab in the Dashboard, and click on Withdraw and request withdrawal for the amount required. The money will be settled in your account within a maximum period of 5 days