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12 days

Job Description

Google Adwords is one of the leading system of online marketing exposing your business on Page 1 of search results and driving laser targeted traffic. The problem is, you will probably be burning a lot of money trying to figure it out or if it is not setup right you will get 0% ROI, get frustrated and ultimately leave it.

As a fully trained and Certified Google Adwords Consultant, I can create an optimal Google Adwords setup for you that will outrank your competitors and give you a good return on investment.

My approach includes proper research of your niche and industry, identifying your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses and then setup relevant ad for each keyword.

I will also undertake the steps needed to increase the quality score of your ads by fine tuning your landing page. A good quality score means lower per click cost.

What I will provide:

– Setup for 1 full campaign (i.e.: 1 service / 1 category of products etc with 5 target keyphrases / Keywords)
– Individual Ad group for every keyword
– Each Ad group will have 2 ads (A/B Split Testing)
– Location targeting
– Ad scheduling (If needed)
– Ad Extensions i.e Call Extensions, Call Out Extentions, Sitelinks, Location Extensions
– Compelling Ads with call to action
– Landing page fine tuning to improve the conversions and overall ROI
– Google Analytics Integration
– Negative keyword implementation (If required)

Let me setup your Google Adwords account as I have been doing this for the past 6 years and can assure you benefits from Day 1.

Please contact me prior to buying this Croog, I will ensure your products/services do not fall under prohibited Adwords categories.


Number of Campaigns: 1
Location targeting: Yes
Ad Scheduling: If Needed
Ad Extension: Yes
Landing Page Optimization: Yes
Analytics Integration: Yes
Graphics & Creatives: No
Time Required for Delivery: 12 Days
Experience (in Years): 8+

Add Ons

Processing fees: 10%