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Get anything done with Custom Orders and Requirements

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Last time we introduced you to Croogster as a platform to hire freelancers for Rs. 299

By now you must have gotten familiar with Croogster’s basic functions, how it is a valuable resource for availing online logo design, content writing and other digital outsourcing needs. Now let’s dig deeper into certain features that will really help you find professional services you are looking for, that we exclusively provide.

Custom Orders – Croogster is not just about Rs. 299


What are custom orders?

This feature tells you that Croogster is not just a Rs. 299 platform and the community has much more to offer for a more serious engagement with much higher quality and deeper scope of work.

Custom order, like the name suggests, is a feature that allows buyers to post across custom requirements for services that cannot be found as Croogs or if the services need personalization or other needs where the scope of work is simply high.

The function of this feature is to send your requirement among Croogster’s Community of freelancers. This immediately starts flooding your requirements with different proposals from various sellers, and the buyer can make up their mind and select the deal that sounds the best among all.


When should you make a Custom Order?

1. Bulk work that requires definite outsourcing

Example: Multiple articles that need to be completed as a set.

Such requirements cannot usually be completed at 299 because Articles need to be produced by content writers in quantities that demand more time and effort from a Seller. In such cases Custom Order will be highly suitable to receive a good package for freelance writing.

2. Services that cannot be found as Croogs

Example: You need a Transcription service from a recording that has voice in Italian accent.

There are chances that a Croog for Transcription from specifically Italian accent might not be available. So for your special need, why not have a special requirement posted and shout out to that freelancer who would be able to do it for you by posting a Requirement

3. Requirements in a certain niche or those that require multiple skill sets to be used simultaneously

Example:  Digital Marketing plan that requires SEO as well as Social Media

In such requirements as a Buyer you would want a reliable Seller who can handle SEO as a specialist, provide creatives as a graphic designer for social media marketing and thereby perform all the inter related tasks professionally instead of you having to break the tasks into two and delegating to different freelancers.

4. Requirements that require long term commitment and have an extended scope

Example: Handling Content for a Website or Blog on an ongoing basis.

Such needs require monthly contracts or a custom package with complete details of the plan of action that is to be achieved on a future date. These services can rarely be done at Rs. 299. So it is suggested to have a monthly deal or a package based Custom Order with freelancers.


How to make a Custom Order?

There are 2 ways to submit a custom order is:

1. Login to your Croogster account. Click on the Blue Button that says, “Post a Requirement”.  You will find this button located to the top left of your Screen or simply just follow this link

Scroll to the bottom of the page and type down your requirement which covers the Description of your requirements in detail, your Budget for the work and the Duration in which you need the delivery. Now select the most suitable category and click on “Submit”.

2. The other way is to click on any Croog related to your requirement.  You will now see a page which has Croogs details and descriptions.

Now simply click on, “Request Custom Order” button located under the “Buy” button. You will now see a dialogue box. Fill in your Message for Custom Order and click on Submit.


What are the steps to strike the best deal?

a) Compare the Price:
Step 1 is to compare the Proposals received by all the Sellers and select one that completely suits your need. Having the lowest price is not always a win-win. Sometimes a higher price might give a better quality, so choose wisely.

b) Delivery Duration:
Once you are comfortable with the price, you should now check their estimated time of delivery. The least time required should always be preferred. But if the duration sounds too less to make sense it’s possible that the Seller has a lack of understanding about the required work efforts, which is why it is suggested that you have a chat with the Seller and confirm from them before placing an order.

c) Seller Reviews and Levels:

Once you’re sorted and sure about the above two. Now is the time to check the kind of reviews the Seller has received for the past projects done by them. A Seller with maximum Stars is the most credible one. The most important is the Seller Level, higher the level, more seasoned and committed the Seller is towards delivering excellence.

d) Conversation and Order:
While doing your due diligence in the selection process it is suggested you have a Chat with the Sellers and it’s important that both parties have complete clarity about the association they are entering into. Once everything seems clear and fair place an Order.

What would you get done that’s completely customized for your needs?

6 September, 2016

I Spent $20 on Croogster Every Week for 3 Months (And Here’s What Happened)

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I Spent $20 on Croogster Every Week for 3 Months (And Here’s What Happened)

I had a business idea. It all starts with an idea. Initially it was just a passing thought. A casual statement made during one of many conversations I had with my peers during our evening sojourns to the nearby cafe that was famed for its caffeinated concoctions. We had just graduated. I was young, ambitious and hopes were high. A business plan was formulated. It was time for execution. Instead of hiring a team and burning through our seed money, I decided to play smarter and outsource our freelance jobs online from experts. That’s when I discovered Croogster, a services marketplace that let us hire freelancers to work for us remotely, for a measly $5 per task. It stood out among other freelancing sites

Month I

I started off by hiring two developers and a freelance graphic designer to work on our website. They were given a brief outline of my expectations from the website. Tasks would be broken down and were completed over the course of a week. The service was prompt. Pricing was most reasonable. Within a month, a website was ready. It was functional, responsive across multiple devices, had an integrated e-commerce platform and was aesthetically appealing.

Month II

My confidence in Croogster grew. I decided to hire a content writer for writing jobs who, over the course of a month, would provide high quality, well researched articles and blogs as well as product descriptions. My intention was to make the website interesting for visitors. Not only was the content engaging, it helped highlight the value proposition that the products held. Positive feedback started pouring in. The blog was steadily building a readership base.

Month III

Now that I was comfortable with Croogster handling a major chunk of the business, I engaged Croogsters who could handle digital marketing services. A social media expert handled the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. Regular activity online ensured that our presence was growing in the social sphere. I also availed the services of a freelancer who managed SEO for us. It improved the flow of traffic to the website. We started showing up on search engines and getting hits.

At the end of three months, I started getting results. The website operations were smooth, with no downtime. Traffic to the website was on an upward trajectory, which started translating into sales. The business started generating revenue. I spent virtually no time on hiring and managing human resources. Without a dedicated office space and without a team of full time employees I was able to create a business from the ground up. And I never spent more than $20 a week.

12 May, 2016