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40 Most Demanded Freelance Skills in 2016 (Yearly Research Report)

The developing community of freelancers brings about 5,000 unique skills from capable experts around the globe. New businesses, Startups and SMEs alike are acknowledging that they can defeat the talent crunch and locate particular skills they require, by posting freelance jobs on job boards and take advantage of the boundless network of freelancers available online.

Freelancers often wonder about the needs of Clients and how to better suit their needs by updating their own skill sets as per the current demands and they end up asking questions like:

Which were the most popular skills in the year 2016? What skills will clients be looking for in 2017?

To put these questions to a rest, we conducted an in-depth research, studied the market & client needs and gathered some data for you.

From content writers and user experience designers, to animation video makers, to SEO and Lead generation, organizations post several employment opportunities every year, and freelancers are hired from across the globe through these freelancing websites.

As you contemplate on the past year and plan ahead for achievement in 2017, it’s critical to comprehend the skills that have been the most prevalent throughout this year and most likely to have demand in the coming year. These important bits of knowledge aim to demonstrate what skills are likely to be in demand in the coming year so that you can brush up yourself to maintain the competitive edge.


Here are the Top 40 most demanded freelance skills Ranked in order:

1. Content Marketing Specialist:

Content Marketing is really in demand in present times. With the growing importance of customer engagement, content marketing enables businesses of all types to engage their customers and help build a brand.

Average National Income: $84,883


2. User experience design:

In present times, website and mobile applications demand to meet the visual and user experience standards. UX designers accomplish these criteria’s by developing websites or apps that are anything but difficult to-use and upgrades the user’s experience altogether.

Average National Income: $87,883


3. ASP development:

Organizations are hunting down web designers who can use Active Server Pages, access databases and provide security. ASP development has been in demand throughout 2016 and is likely to increase through 2017.

Average National Income: $89,000


4. Mobile App Development:

App development is likewise a skill that is sure to earn you a decent amount of cash each month. A portion of the abilities required to be a mobile application designer is versatile UI planning, backend processing, programming, testing and writing codes among others. With a consistent ascent in the quantity of individuals consuming the web through their mobile phones, the eventual fate of mobile app developers looks truly brilliant.

Average National Income: $84,562


5. Content Writing:

For each word composed on the web, there’s somebody sitting before his PC and draining his creativity out. With all the websites, blogs, online news sites, online journals, and magazines out there, envision the sort of freelancing opportunities a content writer might get. The annual income of a freelance writer goes up to $50,000 and can increase up to 10 times based on your level of skills..

Average National Income: $40,951


6. SEO:

Without SEO, having an online presence is almost impossible and this is what makes SEO one of the most demanded skills online. The practice includes developing a variety of strategies visible to search engines like Google or Bing by composing engaging, relevant and keyword optimized articles.

Average National Income: $45,000


7. Blogging:

Blogging is a very flexible skill and can facilitate you to start your own blog or get hired by someone else as a blogger and make money. There are a variety of niche categories like technology, digital marketing, travel, entertainment and the list goes on. If you are wondering how much can you make through blogging? Then the sky is the limit.

Average National Income:$50,000


8. Copywriting:

When it comes to marketing materials copywriters create the content, for promotional materials, like, pamphlets and brochures, and in addition content for websites and social media ads. On the off chance, that you are a talented copywriter, this may the ideal freelance business opportunity for you.

Average National Income: $38,000


9. Technical writing:

Technical writers create data that are similar to, charts, diagrams and guides to explain complicated data in a simple manner.

Average National Income: $52,490


10. Proofreading:

Proofreading is a skill which a freelancer can use to review and fix errors in written documents. The skills required are to have a small grasp in English and be proficient in AP and MLA formats.

Average National Income: $47,663


11. Photography:

The demand for photojournalists have declined over the years, however, there’s still a lasting demand for photographers for businesses and commercial purposes. Truth be told, there’s been a 30% percent increase in the demand of freelance photographers since 2014.

Average National Income: $42,375


12. Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is another freelance skill in demand and is going to stay so. Online businesses look out for talented graphic designers who can work with software’s like Photoshop and Coral Draw. There is a plethora of opportunities available for graphic designers available and can earn you a decent living.

Average National Income:$61,750


13. Animation:

These imaginative people create animations for movies, TV programs, or games. In today’s web 2.0 the demand for animators has gone up and will ascend through 2017.

Average National Income: $50,195


14. Virtual Assistant:

Entrepreneurs and business visionaries are utilizing virtual assistants to help them oversee assignments like planning appointments and replying to emails from a remote area.

Average National Income: $39,183


15. Search Engine Marketing Specialist:

Lead generators are the heart and soul of the digital sales process and it is responsible for generating new sales leads for brands and companies through digital mediums like Google Adwords and Email marketing.

Average National Income: $23,890


16. Social Media Marketing Specialist:
Over the previous decade, social networking platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat have developed as a great platform for businesses to engage with existing and potential customers online. In order to collaborate with potential clients online at these online networking destinations, businesses require specialists.

Average National Income: $46,402


17. Data Mining:

Described as the ‘best job in modern times,’ data miners are basically data scientists who analyze big data to analyze trends.

Average National Income: $59,021


18. Web Development:

With numerous variety of sites up and running, organizations require somebody to handle the backend procedure of the website and guarantee the site doesn’t go down. That is where the skills of a web designer come into play. Web development is an independent skill that you can ace and make a lot of cash by working a couple of hours as a freelancer.

Average National Income: $74,205


19. Voice Over Artist:

From radio commercials to corporate recordings, there’s a tremendous interest for VO specialists. Also the compensation is exceptionally amazing. Along these lines, if you think that you’ve got a wonderful voice, try being a voice over artist. It’s loaded with opportunities.

Average National Income: $40,000


20. Translation:

For those individuals who are fluent with more than one language, being a freelance translator brings immense opportunities for you. If you have a good understanding of foreign languages, it can surely help you make decent money crooging.

 Average National Income:$43,590


21. Auto Cad:

With this expertise you can recreate and energize 2D and 3D designs. Data reveals that, visual content is the most consumed content in the world.

Average National Income: $49,215


22. AngularJS development:

With this expertise you can develop HTML vocabulary so you can manufacture portable and desktop web applications. Since this is the framework for dynamic web applications, the demand for this interest is likely to increase through 2017.

Average National Income: $102,000


23. Java development:

Java developers create complicated web-based applications, like animated website menus. Without fail, Java is the basis for many open-source projects, so the demand for this skill should grow through 2017, bringing ample amount of opportunities for Java Developers.

Average National Income: $70,773


24. Accounting:

Businesses still need to turn to accountants to help them understand information like tax codes and deductions, which keeps this an in-demand skill and will keep bringing opportunities for freelance accountants.

Average National Income: $65,940


25. Data Entry:

For data entry you don’t need any formal training. The most basic skills that you need is having awesome typing speed, good computer skills, proficiency in MS Excel and a good attention span

Average National Income: $30,330


26. Audio transcriber:

Sound transcribers, transcribe recorded audio into composed content. The basic skills required for this job is to have a fast typing speed and have good hearing abilities. Additionally, you might need some equipments.

Average National Income: $41,000


27. Web researcher:

Utilize your web research abilities toward a freelance gig that allows you to do your internet research. The skills required are searching for information through online databases and providing information from credible sources only.

Average National Income: $57,000


28. Podacasting:

From business enterprise to cooking, on the off chance that you have in depth knowledge in any particular niche, podcasting is a good freelancing option.

Average National Income:$26,000


29. Tutoring:

From chemistry to English literature, if you are knowledgeable enough and have a relevant degree in it, you can make decent money teaching online, helping students prepare for their exam or simply assist them with their homework.

Average National Income:  $85,000


30. Art/craft teaching:

Have that artistic worm wriggling through your nerves? Then you can make a decent living out ofcrafts making. It’s advisable that you wait no more and start finding your gig right away

Average National Income:$55,000


31. Tour guiding:

In the event that you are enthusiastic about where you live and cherish sharing a local viewpoint, whether it’s the historical backdrop of the neighborhood scene or where to locate the best neighborhood brew then tour guiding can be your freelancing gig.

Average National Income:$25,490


32. Travel agent:

While an enthusiasm for travel is pretty cool, to be a fruitful travel specialist it is more vital to have a comprehension of particular travel goals and finding the best arrangements on transportation, lodging, attractions, and assembling a total itinerary schedule for clients.

Average National Income:$34,800


33. Event planner:

Love to organize events and going to parties? Then you can utilize these skills as a freelancer and organize parties to make a decent living out of it.

Average National Income:$50,190


34. Medical interpreter:

Medical interpreters have an interesting job. Similar to translators they help non-English speakers and medical professionals communicate with each other.

Average National Income:$42,066,


35. Yoga instructing:

In today’s world more and more people are turning to yoga, you can not only give classes online through mediums like Skype, but can give personal sessions as well.

Average National Income:$24.83 per hour


36. Life coaching:

This is a perfect freelancing option if you have the ability to motivate others. With people having low self-esteem, life coaching cannot only make youa lot of money, but can bring satisfaction and positivity in your life as well.

Average National Income:$235 per hour


37. Affiliate Marketing:

If you are a freelance affiliate marketer, you get to generate a lot of leads for your clients. You would need to market your client’s products online and in return you would get commission for each sale. In some product categories, affiliate marketing can get really colossal commissions.

Average National Income: $12,823,19


38. Public Relations

The demand for a PR professional will never run out. Since PR services can be provided working from home. The demand is never going to run out. However, there is a good amount of experience required to land a gig.

Average National Income:$105,720


39. Game Development:

Even though game development is similar to app development, the processes to develop the game is different and has quite good amount of pay. Understanding of games and how they work is a must.

Average National Income:$71,445


40. Business consultant:

If you are a freelance business consultant you would have to work specifically with business owners to guide them with their business goals and help them accomplish it. Finding entrepreneurs and creative business owners is a good place to start.

Average National Income: $90,000.


Since you are now aware which skills are going to be in-demand in the coming year, it’s the perfect time to start developing your skills, and kick start finding freelance gigs.

Are you a freelancer? Then, tell us which skill you are going to brush up for the coming year by leaving a comment below.


18 December, 2016

8 Challenges that you face as a Freelance Writer and their Solutions

freelancer india

I’m a freelance writer. I have been at it for quite some time now and enjoy it very much. That being said, it doesn’t come without its challenges. If I had a dime for every time someone said it’s such an easy job, I’d have a bag full of change to bump them on the head with.

This article intends to enumerate the obstacles that one might find on the way to ‘writersville’. It will also endeavor to provide workable solutions to these hurdles.

Below mentioned are certain problems I’m sure a lot of writers face and they would relate to this. And if this could be of any help to my peers, especially the ones who are starting out to make a career in writing, extra brownie points for me.

1. Finding freelance work regularly

I am sure most writers go crazy scratching their heads at the beginning, with only question in mind, “Where do we find work and reliable clients?” And by clients, I mean the ones who offer quality work and on a regular basis.

Most people have no clue where to start off from. I know I didn’t. So I did what all aspiring freelancers do; I promoted my profile on social media and went around looking for freelance jobs among my friends and associates. I took the search to google and landed on sites like Freelancer and Upwork.

The Challenge: Fierce competition

There are thousands of freelancers from India, USA and Pakistan competing against you to get the same project.

Not only are the numbers against you, they are also doing it for a cheaper rate. You’ll have to short sell yourself.

The Solution: Visibility

Use competition as an opportunity. Offer unique services with more value.

Look for niches. Look for people/ organizations that need the service you are providing. Offer tailor made solutions to them. Let the results show you’re worth the extra dollar.

Start a blog. Write consistently. Aim for independence and increased visibility.

Put up a website with your services on it. Market the hell out of it.

Work on websites like Croogster that are less crowded. Crooging gives you a continuous flow of projects, so that you don’t have to go hunting every time.

Increase your offline visibility. Get a flyer designer pro to design a one pager or a creative banner for you and distribute it among friends to pin it up in their offices and colleges. You will be surprised with the response you get.

2. Stay away from Distractions

‘With freedom comes great responsibility.’

– Eleanor Roosevelt

A big part of being a freelancer is being driven and exercising self-restraint. It is easy to lose sight of ones objectives.

The Challenge: Maintaining Professionalism

As freelancers usually work remotely and without any supervision, it easy to get distracted.

‘Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.’ It is the difference between what you SHOULD be doing and what you ARE doing.

The Solution: Strong Work Ethics

Have a dedicated work zone, an office within your home or a workstation. Keep it free of distractions. A place where you can zone into work mode.

Use tools like headphones to channel oneself.

Avoid constantly peaking at social media or lusting through your Netflix playlist.

3. Managing your Time wisely

Time is money, especially so for freelancers. I cannot stress how important it is to be accountable with your time and using it judiciously.

The Challenge: Time Management and Deadlines

Most clients will expect you to complete said project within a stipulated time frame.

Having multiple projects means deadlines could coincide.

The Solution: Prioritization

You must set your priorities Think before you commit. Maintain timelines.

Rather than taking up a lot of small projects, it is advisable to take up one big project and dedicate your time and energy to it.

4. Keep your Productivity strictly high

It does not serve your purpose, if you spent the whole night working but all you really did was browse through 9GAG and put in 250 words.

The Challenge: Optimal Use of Time

Results are awarded and not efforts.

The number of hours put in must reflect on the output of work.

The Solution: Result Oriented Approach

Set achievable targets. Accomplish them without fail.

Monitor the time it takes for you to write. Try to beat the time next time around

Here’s a list of some really important productivity tools for freelancers

5. Writers go Blank sometimes

freelance writer

This is every writer’s worst nightmare. There are times when all you want to do is pig out on junk food and laze around.

The Challenge: A Creative Chokehold

No matter how hard you push yourself, you stare at a blank Microsoft Word document for hours.

You can’t decide upon topics, subject matter, tone of writing, etc.

The Solution:

Take a walk. Play some video games. Distract yourself.

READ. It’ll get those creative juices flowing. Reading will provide fuel to the fire. You must consume if you must produce.

Maintain a ritual like actors or athletes do. It could be anything; like reading a blog you follow or tuning into your favorite music.

Invest the non-creative time into creating a Video to stand out on freelance websites. You can hire a freelance videomaker to get it done in a jiffy or you can do it yourself, it hardly takes much skills.

6. Don’t let your Lifestyle take a toll on your Health

Writing means leading a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in one place for extended periods of time has its pitfalls. It takes a toll on the physical well-being.

The Challenge: Not becoming a Couch Potato

The Solution:

Maintain a healthy diet. Easier said than done, eh?

Follow a schedule. Stick to timings. Get plentiful sleep.

Include at least an hour of physical activity/ sports in your routine.

7. Plan your Personal Finances

There are times when there’s too much month left at the end of your money. One can only eat Instant noodles for so long.

The Challenge: Uncertainty 

You may or may not have adequate projects at hand to cover all costs.

The Solution: Start Digging

Plan your finances. Find work accordingly.

Spread out projects over a couple of months to guarantee a continual source of income.

Have at least a few permanent clients. Repeat business is always good.

8. Don’t stick to your Comfort Zone

It is easy to find a sweet spot and get cozy whilst writing. It is a common condition amongst writers to get stuck in a rut, like a hamster on a treadmill.

The Challenge: Repetitive Writing

You have a good knowledge in a certain segment that you have been writing on, so you stick to it.

Sometimes researching on new subjects is a pain, so you stick to traditional knowledge.

The Solution: Explore new forms

Avoid repetitive writing. Don’t just stick to a certain area of blogging or reviewing.

Keep trying varied forms of writing. Explore your options.

Maintain versatility in your portfolio. It will help in having a bigger presence.

That sums up most of my experiences as a writer. Hope the information above turns out to be useful to you in some way. If you think I may have skipped over any points, please feel welcome to drop any opinions and suggestions/ feedback you might have.

5 November, 2016

Why your Marketing efforts are incomplete without a good Brand Identity


Think of Apple, Facebook, Google, McDonalds, Lamborghini, TATA, Amazon, other than the fact that they’re some of the biggest companies around, what do all of them have in common?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that these are some of the most influential brands. Of course the products and services they provide are widely proclaimed but what’s more celebrated is the brand identity.

Let us discuss in detail the concept of Brand Identity in an effort to understand what it really means; its relevance for businesses and why is it so crucial to marketing efforts?


The origins of the word ‘BRAND’ are fascinating, considering its widespread modern day usage. The word “brand” is derived from “brandr” which is Old Norse for “to burn”.

It was the physical (not to forget brutal) act of using a hot iron or wooden tool to mark farmers’ cattle and livestock. This was the prevalent way of identification of ownership.



‘And remember, your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what THEY say it is.’

A company’s brand identity is the way it communicates with consumers, the way in which it would like the consumers to perceive the organization.

It can be looked upon as a way of self-expression but on an organizational level. Think of it like the emoticons (emojis) you use whilst texting, which serve the purpose of expressing some of your rather complex thoughts and emotions, better than words. One can term it as corporate identity.

What does BRAND IDENTITY constitute?

There’s a lot going on behind the outer frame of Brand Identity. It may seem unfair but people connect with what they see.

Brand Identity will be something that would represent your brand with people, and when people are looking at you, you might want to look glamorous and this little trick does wonders on human psychology. These are 2 types of components that will explain the message and the medium:

A] Tangible Components:
1. Name / Logo
2. Tone
3. Tagline
4. Typeface
5. Marketing / Advertising Apparatus

B] Intangible Components:
1. Ideology
2. Values
3. Relationship and Trust
4. Motives

What are its uses?

‘A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.’
Brand identity can:

1. Distinguish you from the competition.

2. Improve Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty and Trust.

3. Establish synergy throughout all communication methods.

4. Motivate your employers.

5. Reach out to potential consumers and convert them into buyers.

6. Give a boost to Brand Credibility.

7. It can form to an emotional bond with the audience.

It’s relevance to Marketing strategy.

‘Brand Identity is to Marketing; what a sail is to a ship.’

A Brand is a living representation of all that the organization stands for. It is far more than just a logo design or an entire effort of stationery design.

1. It lives and evolves, it is emotions and ideas, and it is what people associate with.

2. It is the process of forging an identity that is bound to resonate with people.

3. This identity reinforces an emotional connect, which provides an inherent advantage to your brand.

4. Numerous studies assert that even in a negative economy people pay more for brands that they identify with.

The objectives of the Sales and Marketing functions are to sell more and generate revenue. So how does Branding complement these functions?

Functions of Branding:

1. It is easier to sell if you have strong branding in place.

2. All the Marketing Apparatus comes from your Branding Strategy. The logo, tagline, advertising copies, brochures and pamphlets, stationery, cards, digital media, etc. are all a result of your Branding strategy. For example, having a creative logo will engage consumers.

3. Strong Branding = Identification of touch points where you can increase consumer trust and loyalty.

4. Synergy between these departments leads to well-organized and highly effective organisational functions.

What does Brand Image mean for you. How would you enhance it’s identity?

30 September, 2016

16 Proven Advantages & Benefits of Freelancing (Grand List)


Freelancing a simple concept of working for someone with no strings attached. This one isn’t only for the millennials, it goes out to all of those who are willing to take calculated leaps and break free from deep rooted notions of conventional and orthodox ways of working.

As the title provocatively suggests, that 9-5 isn’t the only way anymore. In fact, as more and more people turn towards ‘radical’ approaches in regards to one’s career, for want of a better work life, it only goes on to prove how unsatisfied we are with the way of things.

This blog is an effort to delve deeper into reasons as to why the 9-5 is falling out of flavor and why freelancing is gaining a remarkable momentum in recent times. Freelance work has gained a reputation of a greener pasture that is more rewarding and highly satisfying. So here are all the mouth-watering benefits of a freelance career you should know about:


1. Working for yourself provides the ultimate Motivation
Let’s face it, nobody likes being bossed around and be answerable to someone all the time just because they are buying your time with their money.

When you’re a freelancer, you’ve got no boss to answer to, but yourself. You start working for yourself and at the end of the day you feel good about it. The motivation that you derive from working for yourself is incomparable to any other and you start seeing yourself excel, all you have to do is be open to work and be disciplined & honest when you do it. Just simply deliver good quality at the right time, that’s the simple trick.


2. Constant Learning
Employees today, give a remarkable amount of importance to learning. A full time job tends to lock an individual into a specific profile that usually restricts the variety in their learning. For example – A social media marketer spends years doing the same work without being much exposed to content Marketing.

A freelancing career forces an individual to be on their own, this keeps them on their toes. To divert risk and to be able to find more Clients frequently, freelancers start learning a lot of skills that keep them up to date with the emerging market trends. Learning and executing new skills become a lifestyle and this beautifies the culture.


3. Holidays and Vacations whenever you Need
Isn’t this the absolute favorite? Freelancing is liberating. It allows you to embark on spontaneous vacations.

No need to over plan your leaves with compensatory offs, no need to desperately wait for weekends, no hurried holidays. Just plan your work and manage deadlines well. Just when you feel like taking a break, stop taking projects. It’s that simple.


4. Developing Valuable Connections
Sustaining a living depending on consistent flow of freelance jobs is only possible when you take efforts for doing ground work. Doing ground work requires freelancers to reach potential Clients through multiple channels, leading to a continuous process of creating and maintaining corporate relations with important people that have the capacity to provide career shooting opportunities. Such connections prove to be fruitful for freelancers in the long run.


5. Freedom to work from Anywhere
Not only can you head for unplanned vacations, you can take your work along with you. It doesn’t matter where you are, Himalayas or Hawaii, all you need is a good internet coverage.

An emerging kind of freelancers known as Digital Nomads, have started funding their travels from freelance projects. They like to travel around the world and work at the same time so they opt for remote jobs that can be done efficiently.


6. Not Influence but Merit based promotion
It is worth considering as to why people give their entire lives to an organization and never even reach close to the top levels. People dedicate their aspirations to their careers spanning over 3 decades and yet they fall short of making heads of their respective departments. It isn’t for lack of effort or smart work, let’s make that clear.

It is simply so, because, there is so much work politics involved. There’s a fight to climb the ladder and people don’t shy away from stepping on you to get where they want to be.  The questions is do you want to be a stepping stone? A rung in an endless ladder?

For freelancers, sky is the limit. So if you’re a designer designing a cartoon online for your Clients, you get paid for the kind of work that you do.  That is the beauty of meritocracy. You get what you deserve and what you work for and the better you work, more you’re promoted.


7. Work Life Balance and Social Life
Full time employees often complain of not being able to give enough time to their friends to maintain the social circle. It’s obviously difficult to pay attention to your family and enjoy a healthy work life balance, when your 9 to 5 actually turns into 9 to 8 and you travel home only to realize the day is over. It is important to not take your time for granted because you have limited amount of it.

Freelancers have this amazing advantage over full time employees, that they do not have scheduled daily restrictions. The flexibility gives them space to give equal importance to work and their social life.


8. Space to Materialize your Creativity
freelance-designerAn undeniable fact remains that you lose your creativity doing a monotonous full time work that revolves around a job description that requires 1-2 specific sets of skills. You get a thin margin to showcase your creativity as you’re stuck in repetitive work that moves ahead in the same pattern.

In a freelance career, a variety of Clients seek multiple services to accomplish a variety of projects. Such opportunities demand and harness creativity from freelancers, thus satisfying the purpose of their skills and learning.


9. Work whenever you want
A compulsion to travel your way to the office and complete the pre-defined hours, does not necessarily decide the productivity of an employee and freelance culture has proved this successfully. If your hobby and profession coincide, the 9-5 becomes irrelevant. You sit on the couch at your home and earn a fortune out of the available opportunities.

Most successful freelancers admit that they work on all days throughout the week and yet maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal lives.

And most work from home. Get into the zone when you’re working and create a dedicated space for yourself that is free if distractions. That’s the trick.


10. Branding Yourself
Creating your own identity is crucially important for a freelancer to be known as one. Unlike a full time job where employees spend their whole life behind a desk and the only way to gain some visibility is to impress the immediate heads, a freelance career is based on the ME brand.

Personal Branding becomes a necessity to keep the flow of projects smooth but in the long run its value sky rockets like a rich old bottle of wine. Investing in self-promotion leads to gaining visibility on search engines & social media making your work reachable to a huge number of audience.


11. No Monthly Wait to get Payments
We’ve all been through the dreaded month-end crisis, when there’s too much month left at the end of your money. Well no more.

Freelancers usually function on a project and deliverables basis. This ensures that you get paid as soon as your work is done. It provides a continuous cash flow, enabling you to manage your expenses better and lead a stress free life.


12. Learning Time Management
freelancingA full time employee generally manages their time and schedule just to avoid frowned eyebrows from their bosses, but when you are working on a freelance project, time is money quite literally. Maintaining happy Clients requires involved parties to respect each other’s time, so that deadlines are met swiftly. It is an important learning and a serious responsibility that inculcates discipline towards work.


13. Job Security lies in your Hands
On one hand where regular employees are constantly on their toes stressing about job security, so that they can continue receiving the monthly fixed payments in their bank accounts, a freelancer dictates the terms on the other hand.

A freelancer has the liberty to choose if they want to work on a particular project or not, sure it does require a lot of financial planning but it certainly pays off in terms of satisfaction.


14. Escape from Corporate Distractions
Honestly we are all tired of corporate gossip about bosses and colleagues and on some level you know it totally brings your productivity down. During your desk job, the time that you spend in flattering your boss, corporate meetings or e-mail communications, is a thick bunch of wasted time.

A freelancing career is straight forward, it’s not the easiest one but be assured that it will elevate your skills much faster than a corporate job will.


15. No Monotonous Work
A typical scenario at a workplace would look like an employee is designated to perform a certain role in a company and is expected to earn, learn and grow at that singular position which not only limits one’s learning but also confines the exposure to the available possibilities.

But a freelancer may opt for web programming, freelance writing, graphic design services and many other areas depending entirely on their skills and passion.


16. Earning some serious money by doing what you Love
Must we choose between our passion and profession? Is compromise the way?

There is a typical way of life that makes work sound as a struggle and eventually we blame it on adulthood. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a middle ground though. A freelancer enjoys the liberty of following their heart and simultaneously fill their pockets by putting in dedicated efforts and sincere desire for what they like, that’s the exact marriage of one’s passions and profession.

Ever heard of writers enjoying their dream with creative writing? They get paid to do what they love. That’s pursuing your passions and putting bread, butter and some wine on the table (okay, lots of wine).


What would be your reason to become a freelance expert instead of going to a daily 9-5

30 September, 2016

5 Tips to get the best results out of a Freelancer

hire a freelancer

A lot of employers shy away from online outsourcing as they find the task daunting. Because they probably fail to understand how to make the system work for their convenience. This article aims at making things easy for every business professional and making the task of hiring freelancers online seem like a cake walk.

Employers stand to benefit as much, if not more, from such a phenomenon. More number of employers and businesses are now looking at an ‘on-demand’ workforce as being an integral part of the business and look forward to hire freelancers.

Questions like ‘whether to work with freelancers’ are but extinct and are replaced by the likes of ‘how best to work with freelancers’. Such is the intention of this article; to enumerate the ways in which one can get the most out of a freelancer. Here are 5 tips on how you can make the best of freelancers that are available to work online.


Before hiring a freelancer, it is the responsibility of the buyer to carry out some background research whilst shortlisting potential candidates for the task.

Most online service marketplaces and freelance websites maintain a robust rating system that evaluates profiles on various criteria.

The following parameters are good indicators of a freelancers’ potential :-


A higher rank means more experience and exposure under the belt. So always prefer the Sellers with higher Level, that being said doesn’t mean Sellers on lower Levels aren’t competitive enough. Levels only define a proven experience of freelancers.


Reviews from previous buyers are a sure shot sign of the freelancers’ skills. They indicate reliability, so make sure to meticulously go through the reviews.


Note how early and often a freelancer responds to queries and requests. Remember early bird gets the worm. It is a good yardstick with which to measure their enthusiasm towards work. A high response rate means the Seller is really quick in replying and probably won’t keep the buyer on hold for every query asked.


Time is money, especially in freelancing. Notice if they respect deadlines. Prompt deliveries are always preferred to delays. So a high Punctuality rating clearly means, that chances are high that you will receive your work done exactly on time or maybe before.


It is vital that a buyer be fully aware of their requirements and expectations.

It would be wise to invest certain time and effort into preparing a project brief to define the tasks, scopes and objectives of the undertaking and explain them.

This provides clarity to both parties and paves the way for a smooth collaborative experience.


Clear and effective two way communication is a prerequisite to any activity which involves two or more individuals.

It lays the foundation of the project and sets the tone and pace of the project.

Clarity is of the essence. It is also a two way street. The buyer must be sure of what they need and the seller in turn must be honest about deliveries.

For example – When hiring a web designer, it is necessary that the buyer understands all relevant details about the technology required to create a website or the scope of work needed.


A freelancer may not be a mind reader, but a buyer can always show the seller what’s there in their minds. A reference file or link does the trick to bridge this. It saves lots of potential modifications required for the project and saves time of both the parties ultimately leading to a good experience and a successful freelance experience.

For example – If as a buyer you need stationery design for your company from a designer. It would be wiser to supply some reference files to the seller rather than hoping the designers to come up with something as per your expectations.


It is imperative that any deadlines the buyer has to adhere to, be communicated to the freelancer.

Only after the approval and affirmation of the seller, must the task be considered as concluded on part of the buyer.

For example – When availing the services of a freelance writer for writing a blog or an article, mention the stipulated time of completion you have in mind. It will enable the writer to plan their work accordingly.


What would you do to get the best results from a freelancer?

10 September, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Maximum Orders on Croogster

making money on croogster

How to sell more is the question!

When starting out as a freelancer, a lot of service providers are actually oblivious about the actionable tips that actually work for you, to get more and more orders consistently. Below we discuss some steps that will allow you to cut through the noise and make yourself visible to buyers. These have been tried and tested, by ranking sellers and there are a lot of guides out there that charge for such actionable insights.

1. Your Profile should make you look like an Expert:
Having an attractive and visually appealing profile is one of the basic tricks of the trade. As transactions take place between unknown parties, it generates trust and confidence in the buyer. First impression is the last impression, remember?

So let’s get started by first going to your Profile and begin filling in profile information

Describe yourself a little. Talk about your work, your thoughts and beliefs. Look like a beautiful person that you are.

Having a cool profile picture, makes things visually appealing and increases the possibility to turn leads into buyers. Something formal will showcase professionalism and remember to make yourself look like an expert. And smile please!

Now is the time you start putting in your payment information, this will help you withdraw your earnings from Croogster. It’s important that you recheck the details because you wouldn’t want to risk your payment by putting in wrong details.

2. Posting Croogs in a way that will bring Orders:
Just having a great looking profile is not the end of it, you need to back up your profile with exciting Croogs.

1. Post Croogs for only those skills that you really possess and you’re an expert at.
2. Post those Croogs that people actually need and will be willing to pay for.

We will start by explaining you how to post a croog that will sell

First comes your Title, put in a little research for your title. Relevance to the Croog is important and make it sound appealing.

Select the relevant category and subcategory from the list to have your Croog approved sooner and avoid any confusions.

Create well-defined description with accurate specifications and deliverables. Describe your due process in-depth for completing the Croog. Include all accurate details about scope of work.

Your instructions to buyer should tell the buyer, the information the buyers need to provide you once they make the purchase so that you can start the work. You can also include other instructions. Remember: These instructions are visible to Buyers for viewing only after they have placed an order.

Tag each of your Croog with as many relevant keywords as possible. This helps buyers to find and locate your Croogs easily and in turn you get more visibility.

Enter the maximum number of days you will require to deliver the Croog successfully. Delivering before the promised period creates a good impression and improves your Punctuality score.

Upload beautiful looking images that will attract buyers. Suggested dimension is 640×480 px. The pictures feature is your portfolio that should contain your work Samples and should help you convert the leads into actual buyers

3. Upload multiple Croogs
Upload multiple Croogs instead of cramming different tasks into one. Post different services that you know under relevant Categories and Subcategories. It may look like a daunting but it’s really not, besides it significantly increases your visibility.

Example – If you are a writer and you can do different things in writing like Creative Writing, Copywriting or Legal Writing make sure you upload 3 different Croogs for each ability under relevant Categories so that you get filtered orders for specific purposes and you also increase your chances of getting conversion.

4. Add a Video to your Croog
Most people don’t and that gives you an edge. Clear video + crisp audio + concise script = Success. If you think that isn’t your cup of tea, hire an online video editor off the site itself to make one for you.

A video is an amazing method to show off your skills as a Seller. Whenever you upload a video to your Croog, it increases your conversion chances massively.

A good quality video creates a sense of belief about the expertise of a Seller. Make the video simple and fun to view and exhibit your association with Croogster in the video, this will build trust among the buyers.

5. Using Add Ons cleverly:
It’s important that Sellers know how they can use Add Ons cleverly.

Add Ons allow Sellers to earn more and quote higher prices for additional and related services. Sellers should target specific functions that provide added value for the buyer. Add Ons help Sellers to quantify their services.

Example – If a Seller posts a Croog about Explainer Video which says, “I will create an Explainer Video of 60 seconds”. He would like to have Add Ons like:

I will deliver your video in 1080p HD (+ $ 20)
I will write the script for your video (+ $25)
I will deliver the Video in just 24 hours (+ $20)
I will also provide the British voice over for the video (+ $25)
I will provide 3 modifications if required (+ $15)

6. Get your first Sale:

From my experience, I think this one is the most important. Once you have your Profile and Croogs ready to showcase. Your priority should be to get the first order as soon as possible and make sure you get a 5 Star rating for it from the buyer.

The objective of this is to get your first positive review.

Buyers tend to usually place orders with Sellers who are already reviewed instead of trying a completely amateur and fresh Seller. So consider promoting your Croog aggressively to find your first order and you will have an easier journey ahead.

7. Request buyers to rate with 5 Stars for a job well done:
If you’re confident about a Croog well delivered, don’t shy away from requesting a buyer to leave 5 stars for your service.

It always helps flaunt more credibility so get more reviews and make your profile look star studded.

Croogster maintains 3 review parameters for every Seller. These parameters helps buyers decide if they would want to place an Order with a Seller or not.

These Parameters are:
a) Response: This rating parameter tells a buyer how frequently a Seller responds to their messages, the clarity and fluency of language of a Seller and politeness in terms of customer service.
b) Quality: The most important parameter is maintaining the quality of your service, try to deliver better quality, sometimes even better than what you promised, if this is done consistently it considerably increases the orders for any Seller.
c) Punctuality: Delivering the orders on time always leaves and ever lasting impression on the buyers and you’re automatically promoted much more amongst the buyers according to the algorithms. So always deliver on time or before it if possible.

8. Offer bonus service as an incentive to receive 5 Stars:
It’s a wise idea to offer bonus service to Buyers to receive 5 Stars. It not only improves your profile statistics and recommendations but also brings a solid customer retention.

Example – If a Seller sold a resume design to a buyer, on the delivery completion of the order, the seller should request 5 Stars from the buyer in exchange of a certain additional free service given as a bonus or an incentive, which could be the source file of the design in this case.

This strategy works as a lure to receive 5 Stars from the Buyer.

9. Be Online. Reply in a flash:
It’s no secret that staying Online promotes your profile in the Buyer feed and makes you stand out.

Also, there’s a filter feature that helps buyers to look only for those Sellers who are online, this increases the chances for sellers frequently online to get more orders than Sellers who are not.

So be present. Constantly check for visitors and messages, respond swiftly and you will lose no business that comes your way.

10. Promote your Croogs on Social Media:
Following the above suggestions will definitely increase your chances of getting orders, but to have an edge over other Sellers it’s always smarter to promote your Croogs on Social Media platforms like:


To grab quick eye balls from your existing clients and friends. Plan a social media marketing strategy. This always helps kick start the sales journey for many Sellers.

11. Post really unique Croogs:
It’s no secret that Sellers should upload Croogs that people really require desperately but hardly seem to find it.

Such unique Croogs not only invite a lot of views, they also help get frequent Sales from buyers across the globe.

Unique Croogs also have a property of easily going viral if the nature of service is interesting.

12. Send proposals to Buyer requirements:
Active Sellers will find requirements posted by Buyers to get proposals from Sellers.

It’s the easiest way to fish for orders by quickly sending Buyers custom offers that are competitive and convincing enough to get the Buyers accept the accept the offer and place an order for the same.

13. Post Croogs especially crafted for Croogster:
It’s a good idea to customize your Croogs specifically for Croogster. It reflects a close association with the platform and send a positive message to the buyers

Example – If you’re a logo designer, post a Croog with an image of Croogster’s logo redesigned. If you’re a video editor and create Explainer Videos, post a Croog with an Explainer Video about Croogster done by yourself.

Doing this gives buyers more assurance and a ready first hand sample of your work quality.

14. Offer money back guarantee:
When you offer money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the service received, it builds confidence among buyers and gives them a sense of security for placing order.

This hack never gets old and is still one of the favourites to boast your confidence about your work.

15. Provide excellent customer service:
Consider your Croogster seller account as your online business space and take crooging sincerely.

Buyers should be the priority of every successful to be successful as a Seller and maximize on your earnings.

This not only builds a long term engagement with a buyer but also gets word of mouth publicity among the buyers.

16. Follow the rules:
Croogster has few rules but they are supposed to be followed strictly.

Do not share your personal contact details (except your Name) like phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Skype/IM usernames or any website link that reveals your identity with any user whatsoever.

Communicating with any user outside Croogster may lead to account termination or Level demotion.

Following this rule increases your trust and you automatically get to higher levels. If you work consistently without violating rules and delivering excellent services you may also be promoted to the top Level, which then floods your account with Orders.

17. Prevent Automatic Cancellations:
The more automatic cancellations you receive on your Orders, the more negative rating you get which prevents you from getting promoted to higher Levels or in many cases causes demotion of your Level.

If the cancellations get too frequent you will be prevented from getting orders, as timely delivery is a top priority.

18. Offer incentives on Repeat Purchase:
It is recommended that Sellers provide incentives to buyers on repeat purchases.

This strategy works like a charm if you would like to have a buyer buy again and again from you and not choose another Seller over you.

Example – A Seller with Croog, “I will write a fashion Article of 300 words”

When the seller has delivered the above Croog they should make an offer to the buyer that on their next purchase the Seller would provide articles with 350 words instead of 300 words as an incentive for repeat purchase.

This should provide you enough help to be the Popeye the Seller man !

20 July, 2016

Startups that made it big by Outsourcing

photo editing online

Why outsourcing is the new in-housing.

The experienced ones claim that one of the biggest mistakes made by new age entrepreneurs is, “trying to do everything by themselves”. The following article just briefly gives you some pointed insight about Growth Hacking if you avoid just this one mistake.

In an intensely competitive market, start-ups are fighting the odds each day to survive and stay afloat. Start-ups have to come up with innovative products or services, that have the potential to disrupt the current way of things, whilst working on shoestring budgets and limited resources. How must one then conjure, quality products or services without compromising on quality and yet making fiscal sense?

Add to this the rising costs of infrastructure, raw materials, manpower, energy, logistics and a race against the clock to hit the markets before rivals do and it seems like a herculean task.

Yet we see innumerable companies making it big on a daily basis. Curious much?

This is where outsourcing comes into the, oft cluttered, picture.


What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is de-cluttering, the logical solution to most issues faced by modern-day companies.
It is the process of handing over certain business functions to other vendors who are professionals in respective fields, on freelancing sites like Croogster, Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer, etc. Online service marketplaces like these have become an indispensable means to an end for start-ups and for people looking for freelance online jobs.



1. The obvious cost advantage. Duh!
A ton of money is saved when the required job gets done at a lower cost while maintaining efficiency.

2. When you hire a freelance professional for tasks like article writing, creative logo design, photo editing online, video editing, etc. you free up your resources, which allows you to redeploy manpower and concentrate on core competencies of your business.

3.  It goes without saying that when you outsource functions like digital marketing, SEO, content writing, etc. it negates the need for additional office space, resources and energy that goes in maintaining manpower.

4. By using reliable and trustworthy online service marketplaces like the need for an excruciatingly lengthy hiring and recruitment process can be done away with.

5. There is a time zone advantage as well when offshore outsourcing is involved.


Here’s a short list of some successful Indian startups that built their businesses with outsourcing:

1. MyNoticePeriod outsourced all of their business operations like hiring, registration, patenting, freelance programming, etc. to Indian companies and thereby saved time and effort.

2. Pretty Secrets sells most of its products and wares on Indian sites thereby strengthening the symbiotics between the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystems.

3. Appointy uses the services of a Ukraine based startup, SupportYourApp to outsource customer support and business research

4. Whatfix uses the expertise of Freshdesk, a customer management software developer.

5. Zivame, the online lingerie giant used the services of Bangalore based telephony provider Exotel for setting up a virtual call centre. They also used Ecom Express as their third-party logistics provider.


The list goes on and on for various successful and potential startups who continuously look to get quality work done from experts and thereby growth hack their way out of the whole process and this is exactly what you could take as a lesson from the above examples

12 July, 2016

Croogster 101 – Hire a professional Freelancer at just Rs. 299

hire a freelancer

Croogster 101 – Hire a professional Freelancer at just Rs. 299

There’s a chance you’ve heard the term ‘Croog’ being used, if you are familiar with the start-up ecosystem. If you haven’t, you’re in luck, read on.

‘Croog’ is a term used to describe any service listed by a freelance professional on Croogster. An individual or organization can purchase these services from professionals offering them, which therefore makes it a marketplace for hiring experts.

Thus being able to offer your skills and talents online, to create opportunities for a stable source of income, is known as ‘Crooging’. All people who involve utilize, provide and partake in said activity are ‘Croogsters’.

Out of the innumerable freelance websites out there, Croogster stands out from the bunch, for a number of reasons. The sheer number of websites that host freelancers is overwhelming.

Each of them has a multitude of professionals selling the same service making them monotonous.

It is a tiresome and tedious task to sort out the talented ones from the crowd.

With suspicious reviews and recommendations becoming standard practice to boost ones visibility and ratings, one cannot feel entirely comfortable. These factors contribute to drive traffic away from these sites.

This is where Croogster rises to the occasion. It is gaining popularity owing to its fresh approach towards freelancing.

What makes ‘Croogster’ different?


1. The blessing of 299:
Out of all plus points, foremost is the policy of fixed pricing. Croogster’s unique selling proposition is its obvious cost benefit. You can hire someone for video editing, a professional for web design, experts for social media marketing, specialists for online graphic design services or a personalized gift maker, to have support of an expert at an unbelievably reasonable Rs. 299

Let’s put that in perspective, a movie ticket on a weekend costs more than that, and we’re not even factoring in the popcorn.


2. Only hand-picked freelancers:
The most important aspect in its list of pros is the fact that, Croogster has only hand-picked freelancers who are personally curated and go through a strict quality check before being allowed to offer their services on the site. This ensures a certain standard of quality that is lacking from most freelancing websites.


3. Full access to all the experts:
Croogster having a familiar e-commerce interface, allows complete browsing access to all the available talent on the platform without having to pay extra for more visibility or to have access to top talents unlike the practices of major freelance giants.


4. No more waiting for Bids:
The platform’s service-as-a-product approach simplifies the process of hiring and allows freelancers to package their offerings and exhibit them as products. This considerably reduces the waiting time of buyers for hiring as they can have a one-click-checkout for ready to start services instead of waiting for bids to arrive and then negotiate a project eventually wasting the time.


5. Variety of services:
With over 50 plus different types of services in varied categories, the list of tasks that can be accomplished on the website is exhausting. It is, quite literally a one stop shop for all your outsourcing needs with freelancers working on a per project basis instead of taking up projects on a per-hour-basis which causes a lot of individuals to hesitate. There are even services like homework help. How about that?


6. Guarantee for Orders:
Once you are selected to start selling your services on Croogster as a freelancer, you are given a guarantee to receive orders and projects from clients. This gives freelancers a reliable stage to look out for projects and makes it a platform to find work consistently on a long term basis. This is the best feature as it saves the Sellers a lot of time that is wasted in job hunting.


7. Payment security:
The payments are completely secured and work on an escrow principle which means buyers payment are safe with Croogster until they receive their delivery as promised, this inspires confidence in sellers as well as buyers. Payment security is a priority to help Sellers out in getting paid for the hard work they put in. It offers ease of access and makes the whole experience of hiring a freelancer satisfying. 


What kind of freelancer would you need to grow your Business?

5 July, 2016