About Us


Ever imagined if people could hire freelancers the same way they bought stuff on Amazon? And what if you could choose the ideal freelancer based on the quality?

Meet Croogster, an online marketplace that makes hiring freelancers and getting things done from them as easy as buying products from Amazon. All you have to do is browse the services, select what you need, add to cart, complete the payment and you’re done.

There is a wide variety of Croogs available ranging from logo designs, content writing and customized gifts to digital marketing. It’s like shopping for professional services from an E-store that makes the entire process hassle free. The most remarkable thing about Croogster is that it ensures high quality of services, delivered at just the right time when expected and the amusing thing is that the services start at just $5

The platform helps professionals find projects and provides them an opportunity to turn talent or hobby into a permanent source of income by selling professional services. Freelancers from across 30 countries continuously use Croogster to work online and earn money by selling their services called as ‘Croogs’. Croogster provides utmost protection to freelancers called as “sellers” to rule out any possibility of risks for them to receive payments against the services delivered which makes the platform a dependable one.


Welcome, Welcome to Croogster!